How Like My

The forest is lovely in its restfulness, and how like my Father to fill the atmosphere with a quiet stillness and divine order over and through which everything He has created for His pleasure grows.

The comeliness of trees and shrubs and buds and blossoms hold to a beauty they do not strive to possess. They are faithful to be only that which He called them forth to be.

I marvel at the manifold ways they instruct me — withholding nothing of themselves while giving all their gifts without thought of self-exaltation or preservation.

Along humble paths few travel in this place the hidden person of my heart and the unfading beauty of my spirit’s gentleness and quietude1 gradually emerges.

I am this offering and this worship to my Father.

I am like an olive tree
flourishing in the House of YHVH.
I trust in YHVH’s lovingkindness forever

and ever.

— Psalms 52:10

1 – 1 Peter 3:4