In This

Blessed are You, El Elyon1, my Father, my Rock and my Redeemer Who has revealed Your Set-apart Name to me just as You did to the the king of Salem, Melechizedek. Blessed are You, YHVH, Who has given me the knowledge of Your unchanging attributes and character.

You are the uncreated Elohim2, the only Sovereign King and El, over all the universe which You have made3.

I ask for myself and all who belong to You that You give to us the undisturbed and pure testimony4 of lives lived bowed in humble reverence and willing submission.

Be exalted, righteous Father, for You alone, Who is from everlasting to everlasting5, are forever glorious in majesty, splendor, power and wisdom.

Thank You that You are thoroughly and perfectly faithful to Your Word of Truth6 You have given us. We sing praise to you that by Your Word, You make known Your will7 and show us Your ways and paths8 for living praiseworthy, righteous lives before the sons and daughters of men in the earth.

We rejoice that You are the Maker and Keeper of the Covenant9 we have entered into with You by redeeming faith in Messiah Yeshua and His atoning sacrifice; granting us full assurance that we may hold fast to Your promises and blessings. We glory in the truth that Your faithfulness is great, Your Word will always accomplish what You send it forth into our lives to do10, Your mercies are new every morning11, Your keeping-presence never leaves us12 and Your love is everlasting13.

Holy, Holy, Holy14 are You, YHVH-Tzva’ot15, Who is, Who was and is to come16, the whole earth is filled with Your glory17.

We bless Your Holy Name in this and every place.

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