My Reverence

Make me as these grasses standing breathless by not lifelessly still to hold the precious weight of Your glory, Father, and lead me to quiet and subdue my soul upon which the refreshing dew of Your Spirit comes to rest.

Forgive me for I have not placed my natural and spiritual feet with care in this world. I have, by my impetuousness, taken Him for granted. I have been coarse and calloused. And I confess as unthinking as when the dew is trodden under my feet.

An impulse of impatience here, a sense of hurry or worry there, which I have allowed and even welcomed at times as common self-life.

I am convicted by this:

My reverence will hallow
YHVH’s Holy Habitation within me.

For thus said the Master YHVH, the Set-apart One of Israel, “In returning and rest you are saved, in stillness and trust is your strength.”

— Isaiah 30:15a