Everything is Held Together

There is something interfering with my hearing what YHVH is saying. Reasoning and its fruit, unrighteous emotionalism, which yields all manner of anxiety and agitation.

This is not the time to fill the air with a multiplication of words. There is never a time to pour out from the flesh.

I will hold my tongue and walk with the Lord in silence. I will guard myself against thoughts and speaking over myself that which contradicts the Truth.

Everything. Everything is held together by my Father’s pure Word and wisdom1.

I Pray. I ask for humility and teachabilty. I petition Him for instruction and understanding2.

Help me, Father to hold what I am given in the Light. Meditate upon it. Allow for Scripture to interpret Scripture. Remind me often to ask the Spirit to take from Messiah and give to me3.

Those who know when to hold to peace in silence are wise4.

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