The Weight of the Burden

This morning as I walked with my beloved on forest trails the weight of the burden of so many was heavy upon me.

Fill my heart, Father, with even a thimble-full of the magnitude of Your love for Your people. Open my mouth and I shall direct the intercession You give for them heavenward.

Illuminate the pathway set before me to Your Throne with the Light of Messiah’s compassion and quicken my steps to You.

Fill this vessel You have made me to be with Your Word and make Your Truth a balm I carry in my heart to dress the traumas and scars of the many sorrows and afflictions that loom as breath-taking shrouds over Your beloved men and women.

And as I waited upon YHVH in trust I knew that whatever I was given the utterance of His Word proceeding from me would be worship because all things are from Him, and through Him and to Him that He alone would be glorified.


For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen.

— Romans 11:36

Image by Rex Preston